New NIST Chip Hints at Future Quantum Sensors
High-speed, on-silicon-chip blackbody emitters
Pocket accelerator combines four functions in one device
Fiber to the Home: Getting Beyond 10 Gb/s
Solar storms trigger Jupiter’s ‘Northern Lights’
Aircraft elec. motor's record-setting power-weight ratio
Breakthrough magnetocaloric material may change
air conditioning and food refrigeration

Michigan Micro Mote - world's smallest computer
Memristor technology, closer to brain-like computing
A 96-antenna test bed for next-gen wireless
Micro-sized motor 1,000x more powerful than human muscl
ERCOT narrowly avoids rolling blackouts during extreme cold
E-whiskers: researchers develop highly sensitive tactile sensors
New approach for wireless power transfer for vehicles
Mission to study link between lightning and gamma ray flashes
Synaptic transistor learns while it computes
New device stores electricity on silicon chips
Forest waste used to develop cheaper, greener supercapacitors
A first look inside Google's futuristic quantum lab
Nuclear fusion milestone passed at US lab
Video: Dazzling magnetic display of 'coronal rain'
A magnetic way to cool computer chips
Technique scales up production of graphene supercapacitors
Quantum cryptography for electric grid security
Light-emitting bioprobe fits in a single cell
Future nuclear plants could run on spent fuel
Renewable energy could power grid 99% of the time by 2030
Solving the mystery of tin whiskers in electronics
New electroluminescent tech. - lighting's future?
4-D transistor is preview of things to come for computers
NASA investigates ‘trailblazing’ material for new sensors
Steps towards filming atoms dancing...
Researchers test novel power system for space travel
First observation of gravitational waves is 'imminent'
Solar energy funnel captures wider spectrum of photons
Scientists develop new methods for cooling of ions
NASA spacecraft observe Nov. 20 solar eruption
Technologies under development for harvesting ocean power
New metamaterial lens focuses radio waves
50-core chips - the era of inexpensive supercomputing
Researchers use synthetic magnetism to control light
Navy looks to 'rotating detonation engines' to power fleet
Many Eastern US cell towers damaged by hurricane
IBM builds working chip with carbon nanotube transistors
World’s most powerful laser beams to zap nuclear waste
A new theory to explain cold fusion energy
New X-class solar flare causes radio blackouts
LED bulbs deliver Wi-Fi through room lighting
Quantum computing with recycled photons
Mystery of ball lightning solved?
New finding for lower-cost, controllable fusion energy
Giant fusion energy laser project runs into trouble
Magnets kill cancer cells in the laboratory
Liquid air 'offers an energy storage hope'
How to build a black hole laser
Medical electronics developed that can dissolve in the body
Internet TV isn't ready to displace cable just yet
Video: Tesla Motors unveils auto "Supercharger"
Nanotube transistors for the harsh space environment
Building a clock that will keep perfect time forever
Scientists shed light on riddle of Sun’s explosive events
Video: First working quantum bit based on single atom
The warp drive could become science fact
Harvesting uranium from seawater makes economic sense
World’s most powerful digital camera in hunt for dark energy
Needle (light) beam discovery for optical chips
Computing with water droplets - no electricity
Stanford scientists discover the 'anternet'
Future businesses need to automate or perish
Curiosity uses laser to vaporize first rock sample
New material eliminates loss in electrical power transmission
NASA is tracking electron beams from the Sun
Harvard geneticist encodes his book in DNA
Construction of the most ambitious fusion energy project
New system could predict solar flares, give advance warning
Speedy ions could add zip to quantum computers
Major advance made in generating electricity from wastewater
Video: NASA engineers celebrate successful landing
Video: Why the Curiosity Mars rover uses nuclear power
New analysis gives better insight into fusion energy plasma
Sun is in the process of changing its magnetic poles
Video: Blackout hits 680 million in India
Record 500 terawatt laser shot makes history
Powerful lasers could generate antimatter fuel for space travel
NASA's next science mission will study Earth's plasma
Solar flare generates beautiful weekend displays
Entirely new logic circuits based on magnetic semiconductors
Metamolecules can be switched with a beam of light
Higgs boson may be an imposter particle
Smart headlight system will help drivers see through rain
Triboelectric generator works by harnessing frictional forces
Higgs boson-like particle discovery claimed
Video: CERN explains data for Higgs particle announcement
Scientists test 'guided lightning bolt' weapon
'Leap Second' bug wreaks havoc across web
Zplasma develops high-energy light for chip making
Scientists remake old battery technology ultra-fast
New etching system makes 3-D chips a commercial reality
Rewriting quantum computer chips with a beam of light
Ultra-high speed data transfer using twisted light beams
The great German electric energy experiment
Lightning caused insurance claims rise with HDTV usage
New data causing doubts about standard physics model
Competition at 2012 International Supercomputing Show
Are neutrons traveling between parallel worlds?
New solar active region spitting out flares
Radiation-resistant circuits made from mechanical parts
NASA's X-ray space telescope launched from jet
Ford facing off against Apple over the connected car
A dirt cheap magnetic field sensor from ‘plastic paint’
Flash drives replace hard disks at major web companies
Physicists create first tabletop X-ray laser device
Experiments show strange quantum properties of light
Video: XBox Live's Marc Whitten demos "SmartGlass"
Video: Nintendo pins hope on new Wii console at E3 show
Important questions about IPv6 Internet technology
Scientists split atom in two then fuse it back together
Mysterious radiation burst recorded in tree rings
Science of finding and fixing a supercomputer's faults
The intersection of information and energy technologies
Graphene as a gain medium for light amplification
Return of the vacuum tube
Superconducting magnet 300,000x strength of Earth’s field
Computing experts unveil superefficient ‘inexact’ chip
Tidal power gets stormy birth off coast of Scotland
Scientists generate electricity from viruses
Research shows how UV LEDs can be used for disinfection
Retinal prosthetic device created that's powered by light
A new accelerator for studying steps to fusion energy
White-light quantum dots will boost LED efficiency
Self-driving car gets approval in state of Nevada
'Monster sunspot' spurs solar storm warning
The Volta Volare GT4 electric airplane is ready to fly
"Beautiful" new particle found at LHC
First generation optical quantum computer chip tested
Green laser heads-up automobile displays coming soon
Silicene discovered - a breakthrough semiconductor material
Edison's revenge: The rise of DC power
Physicists propose important fusion energy solution
Can combat robots be blamed for their mistakes?
Video: Intel explains latest "Ivy Bridge" transistor technology
Medical 'Lightsaber' laser scalpels get makeover
IBM's 500 mile per charge battery project
Observatory exploring mysterious origin of cosmic rays
Amazon's secretive cloud center is 1% of Internet
Underwater laser beam welding used at nuclear power plant
NASA SDO satellite captures massive solar eruption
New magnetic testing technique for electronic devices
Xbox 720 to be a 16-core gaming powerhouse?
'Time machine' camera sees the most distant galaxies
Physicists demonstrate scalable quantum network prototype
DARPA contest to develop a new class of rescue robots
New chips with their own internal internet networks
Quantum computer built inside of a diamond
Video: Intel & Nissan develop auto 'infotainment' system
Charge-density waves can save power in electronic devices
Novel solar reactor may enable clean fuel from sunlight
Video: New York City harvests East River water power
South Pole Telescope provides new insights into dark energy
IBM designs exascale computing system to scan the universe
US draws up plans for nuclear powered drone aircraft
How information technology can change electric power
'Living' micro-robot that could detect diseases in humans
Video: Humanlike robot runs and does pushups
How divers risk their lives to save nuclear power plants
Sony's PlayStation 4 console is Code-Named 'Orbis'
'Thermal cloak' technology hides objects from heat
Record laser energy achieved for fusion energy ignition
Breakthroughs may lead to more energy efficient transistors
Los Alamos Lab smashes magnetic field record
Video: High School basketball competition uses robot players
Trees found to electrify the atmosphere
Nuclear fusion simulation shows high-gain energy output
Is Microsoft working on gaming helmets and eyewear?
'Icarus' test confirms neutrinos are not faster than light
Video: teardown of the new iPad
Message sent through solid rock via neutrino beam
Stanford researchers create new exotic electrons
Video: How planes are protected against lightning damage
Video: Why robots will never take over the world
Laser 'filament' could divert harmful lightning strikes
Video: Intel creating a web-based TV channel
Production of Apple TV expected to begin in May or June
Neutron clock accurate to 1/20th second per 14 billion yrs.
Energy trick - LED appears to be over 100% efficient
Protein-based biodegradable transistors - made from us
Deutsche Telekom claims record data transfer speed
Financial expert: "reign of robots is closer than you think"
'G2' geomagnetic storm occurring from massive solar flare
Video: DARPA's cheetah - fastest legged robot
Even when crumpled up electronic material keeps working
Video: Video games can improve creativity and concentration
Facebook's innovative new design to cool its servers
A generating device that could turn sewage plants into power stations
Experiment carries multiple channels on a single radio frequency
General Motors suspends production of electric Chevy Volt
How electronic mobile devices may change money
Tiny $35 Raspberry Pi computer causes big stir
Demand crashes web servers
1 in 8 chance of catastrophic solar megastorm by 2020
Video: Synchronized quadrotor bots play James Bond theme
IBM takes big steps toward fast quantum computing
Battery technology could replace the grid in remote locations
Berkeley Lab researchers resolve a spintronic controversy
1st example of long-distance communication between two quantum optical antennas
World mobile device show opens Monday in Spain
Scientists image charge distribution within a single molecule
Bad wiring may have caused doubts about Einstein's theory
Researchers build first physical "metatronic" circuit
Making solar power competitive with coal
Google celebrates birthday of inventor Heinrich Hertz
Airborne missile-defense laser project cancelled
Physicists used laser light to create "synthetic magnetism"
Pulsars: the Universe's gift to physics
A DNA sequencer the size of a USB stick
Fermilab set to reveal “interesting” Higgs boson results
Video: NASA captures fusion-driven tornado on Sun
Video: How to best enjoy viewing the Northern Lights
A controllable transistor engineered from a single phosphorus atom
Strange electric plasma discovery is similar to solar flares
Could Quantum Information lead to the next industrial revolution?
Siemens increases power transmission capacity between England & Scotland
Satellite launched to clean up space junk    Project video
LHC energy boost will aid hunt for Higgs boson particle
NASA shuts down its last mainframe computer system
Mobile devices will outnumber humans in 2012, Cisco says
Electric cars in China more polluting than gasoline
The world’s strongest and purest neutron beam
Video: Spectacular explosion captured from Russian power plant
World's tallest solar tower will power Las Vegas at night
U.S. approves first nuclear reactors since 1978
Electrical engineers build nanolaser with no wasted energy
Video: DARPA tests 'robotic mule' transport
Testing begins on electromagnetic railgun prototype
Heating laser head could make magnetic storage much faster
Wireless charging of electric cars through roadway
What do we need from the battery of the future?
Video: LED inventor starts up new LED lighting technology company
THEMIS satellite tracks Earth's mass electron escape
A wireless optical router for your brain
3-D cloaking device demonstrated that hides from all angles
Smallest-ever nanotube transistors outperform silicon
System uses LED store lights to communicate with products
Video: "Live Park" interactive South Korean theme park uses all Kinect technology
Defense budget dollars shifting from soldiers to robots
Video: Astronomer says solar storms will peak in 2013
Cool nano-loudspeakers could make for better MRIs & quantum computers
Most powerful X-ray laser creates 2-million-degree matter
World’s brightest X-ray laser illuminates molecular secrets
Microsoft will release much more powerful Xbox next year
Video: Quad-core gaming will soon come to smart phones
Netflix CEO says the DVD format is dying
Jan. 19th flare lights up northern skies over weekend
Video: Mapping the basic wiring of the human brain
Scientists cool semiconductor devices with laser light
LED lamps provide web-based Wi-Fi through room light
The science of creating art with X-rays
Electric cars' future continues to remain unpredictable
Low-waste hybrid reactor achieves successful test run
LED lighting can extend the shelf-life of meat products
TVs in 2012 will get brighter, thinner, more social
Tom Hanks discusses new online sci-fi series Electric City
Zinc-air battery could revolutionize power grid storage
Inside the Army's doomed quest for the 'perfect' radio
Video: Sony shows off consumer electronics of its past
Why 3D TV went from CES darling to consumer reject
Smallest wire ever is just one atom high
Researchers use laser light to cloak a moment in time
International Linear Collider race starts in physics
The next machine to look deeper into the atom...
Protecting your favorite electronics from EMP destruction
Video: 2012 New Year's ball gets tested prior to midnight
2011's biggest technology stories, by the numbers
NASA probes to measure lunar gravity New Years weekend
The story of lighting Christmas
Circuits could be woven from semiconducting cotton and natural fibers
Designers building a 13-foot tall walking robot
Reactor design approval could restart US nuclear plant construction
Liquid metal beads make circuits self-healing
The computing legacy of Fermilab's Tevatron machine
Video: IBM makes 5 bold predictions for next 5 years
US Congress will extend the life of the incandescent bulb
Ultra-fast laser pulses allow new manufacturing techniques
Electric plasma effectively used to treat infectious virus
'Smart connector' senses & reports equipment faults
Video: Brain controlled computing gets closer to reality
World’s smallest steam engine measures a few micrometers
Inconclusive statement on existence of Higgs particle
Video: What is the Higgs boson?
Lightning sprites may play a role in Earth's climate
Video: Lightning and city lights seen from space
One of the world’s smallest electronic circuits
Bill Gates discusses traveling wave reactor in visit to China
TerraPower CEO John Gilleland explains their traveling wave reactor project
A future cold fusion power plant in Massachusetts?
Closely packed nanowires generate unexpected voltages
Video: IBM outlines the future of microchips
Proton beam experiments open new areas of research
Surprising sources of Universe's highest-energy light
A smarter way to make ultraviolet light beams
Bite-size Kilobot robots ready to swarm
Video: Navy's new electromagnetic aircraft launcher
Honda & Yamaha unveil connected electric trike, e-bike
Microsoft's Kinect-2 can reportedly read lips
Scientists study the interplay of dancing electrons
Long-sought component produced for computing with light
Video: Liftoff of new nuclear powered Mars Rover
Why nuclear power beat solar power for Mars mission
Insect cyborgs that could perform hazardous duty
The impending revolution of low-power quantum computers
Bionic contact lens displays computer screen
Smart meters blamed for Wi-Fi router traffic jam
Video: $25 computer board plays high definition video
Battery electrode tech could make large-scale power storage on energy grid feasible
New tests confirm original results of neutrino velocity
... but don't confirm 'faster than light'

Micro-cavity plasma arrays - a lighting system for the Future
Successful test of U.S. Army hypersonic weapon concept
GE aims to build an 'industrial Internet'
Intel shows off new 1-teraflops supercomputer chip
Water plant system gets hacked - pump motor burned out from rapid switching
Lightning-fast optical data transmission device developed at Stanford
Video: Creator celebrates 40th anniversary of microprocessor
Video: Who's winning the supercomputer race?
Ionized plasmas make cheap water sterilizers for developing world
New design for LEDs by nestling quantum dots
Siemens boosts its stake in tidal power generation
Solar plants in orbit could meet future energy needs
Electrode technology yields 10x lithium battery improvement
Images of Honda’s awesome electric product future
Electrons dance in Paris tabletop particle accelerator
Exploding wire experiment makes 200' long plasma arc
Audi's A1 e-tron electric cars put to the test in Munich
Video: 60 years ago the first business computer successfully ran its program
A molecular level 'nano car' with 4-wheel drive
Groundbreaking of massive California Valley Solar Ranch power plant
Two theories on the Moon's internal magnetic dynamo
Robotics researchers develop new form of human-machine communication
Operating a 30-megawatt solar farm from one PC
Internet router bug causes Monday outage for millions
Nuclear clock could steal atomic clock's crown
Video: Kinect technology expanding beyond games
Monster sunspot poses threat of significant solar storms
IBM & ABB scientists join to improve transmission science
Ford launches Focus Electric Configurator automobile
New optic design may help photovoltaic energy compete
NASA examines 'tractor beams' for sample gathering
Navy's electromagnetic railgun reaches testing milestone
Powerful laser to tear apart the vacuum of space
IBM sees energy and business opportunity in ocean waves
Can computer software patch the ailing electric power Grid?
Video: Development of car-to-car communication systems
Scientists will retry the faster-than-light experiment
New map shows huge potential for geothermal power in US
So, why does the new Google phone have a barometer in it?
The next light bulb may be made of lasers
Video: iPod designer creates thermostat that learns from you
Furnace breakthrough cuts solar cell manufacturing costs
'Magnetic nanoswitch' switches thermal energy in computer processors
Video: Student demonstrates amazing quantum levitation
German satellite must have crashed into Asia
Strange physics - one clock with two times
Computing building blocks created from bacteria and DNA
wearable projector allows a keyboard anywhere
Could a computer one day rewire itself?
Biofuel cells could kick-start a revolution in artificial organs
Special Relativity explains faster-than-light neutrino illusion
Video: Can Intel 'futurists' predict the future?
Paul Allen: the Singularity isn't near
Potential for new artificial muscles from nanotubes
Robot biologist solves complex problem from scratch
Video: GM announces electric Spark automobile
Himalayas may be optimal location for photovoltaic power
Video: Do mobile devices disrupt airplane electronics?
A new scheme for photonic quantum computing
The perfect 'electric chair' for your living room
A simple particle could reveal time-reversal physics
Physicists turn liquid into solid using an electric field
Nvidia chips part of world’s most powerful new computer
Graphene’s ‘Big Mac’ creates next generation of chips
Video: Steve Wozniak reflects on working with Steve Jobs
Video: Remembering a visionary of technology
Crab Pulsar emits light at highest energies ever detected
Electron superhighway creation advances quantum computing
Video: Largest radio telescope array begins imaging skies
Inside the Russian short wave radio enigma
Video: New Apple CEO announces iPhone 4S
End of an era: "It is done. The Tevatron is now off."
Bolshoi supercomputer simulates the universe
A simple way to boost battery storage
'Flying carpet' of conductive plastic takes flight
Mimicking cells with transistors
Video: discussion of Amazon's new iPad competitor
Dell to build 10-petaflop supercomputer for science center
Electricity demand expected to plummet, experts say
Sunspot 1302 geomagnetic storm subsiding    NOAA graph
Official statement on UARS' exact reentry time and location
Scientists analyze anomaly data before rewriting physics
CERN sees particles apparently break the speed of light
Scientists create 'anti-magnet' cloaking device
Solar cell breakthrough could hit 40 percent efficiency
Scientists move individual electrons on waves of sound
Video: Are robotic tractors the future of farming?
The future of hydrogen/electric cars
Brightest gamma ray on Earth advances medicine
News video: Siemens gets out of nuclear plant business
Proton-based transistor communicates with living things
Video: Frankfurt auto show features latest electric models
'Genius Award' winning sensor creates detailed usage from electric bill
Inside the freaky world of next-gen night vision
How the color of light affects our health
Video: A review discussion of Microsoft's new Windows 8 operating system
Ferroelectrics could pave way for ultra-low power computing
"Koomey's law" - efficiency doubles every 1 1/2 years
Procedure error causes massive Southwest blackout
Google releases power usage amounts for their data centers
Sapphire superconductor carries 40x more power than copper
Video: NASA finds evidence of late phase in solar flares
BMW moving to laser-based headlight systems
IBM specs out Blue Gene-Q supercomputing chip
Microbes generate electricity while cleaning up nuclear waste
World's smallest electric motor created from one molecule
Department of Energy funds 16 projects to advance hydropower technology
Video: How the computer interface evolved over the years
Darwin effect cuts photovoltaic-panel prices
Video: Jeff Bezos' spaceship suffers setback at launch
Sept. 2, 1859: Crazy solar storm plays havoc with telegraph
Powerful lasers used to make it rain
'Collide@CERN' program brings artists and scientists together
Quantum processor hooks up with quantum memory
New method makes quantum dot-based LED lighting possible
Are Microsoft researchers inventing a 3-D Holodeck?
Northwestern-U engineers hide objects with terahertz invisibility cloak
Sony shows off new 3-D personal viewing device
Hydrogen/electric propulsion to replace diesel in shipping
Record-low error rate achieved for quantum processing
Nuclear power generation planned for Moon and Mars bases
Global Internet Speedup initiative begins speeding up web
IBM's 200,000 disk, 120 petabyte storage monster
Video: Hurricane Irene stressing East coast power grid
The state of the art in human bionic technology
New tool developed to advance nuclear fusion reactors
NASA develops laser broadband to Mars
Los Alamos achieves world-record pulsed magnetic field
Do we really need an Android-powered fridge?
LHC signal, and hopes, fade to find Higgs boson particle
A new era of tabletop particle accelerators?
Virginia nuclear reactors shut down from US earthquake
US begins testing communication-networked vehicles
Video: Robonaut 2 comes alive on International Space Station
DARPA sponsors development of a future starship
Video: 'Spaceport America' begins taking shape
IBM developing 'cognitive', brain-like computing chips
Artificial intelligence program becomes schizophrenic under certain conditions
Smart grid software gives utilities availability of 'virtual power plants'
GM announces luxury plug-in electric Cadillac model
Scientists able to use sound waves to predict solar storms days in advance
Video: "Swarmanoid" project wins 2011 AAAI video competition
Control of bending light rays could be a revolutionary advancement
Embedding photovoltaic cells in mobile device displays could extend battery life
New neutrino detection experiment in China up and running
Jodie Foster funds continuation of radio telescope array
Electronic 'tattoo' that collects human bio-data
Amazon CEO patents mobile phone airbags
30-year anniversary: the PC that started a revolution
Physicists 'entangle' two atoms for the first time
Video: Massive Aug. 9 Sun eruption   Solar flares explained
Test of mach-20 hypersonic aircraft fails over Pacific Ocean
Hybrid solar system makes rooftop hydrogen
Disney Research demonstrates sensory 'Surround Haptics' special effects
Fusion advances with a detailed view of plasma behavior
Antiproton ring found around the Earth
Designing diamond circuits for extreme environments
Video: Robot develops its own learning skills
New technique dramatically simplifies quantum circuits
Pentagon’s lightning gun sold for scrap on eBay
How to build a homemade scanning electron microscope
LED's deliver broadband Internet through room lighting
Taiwanese manufacturer Foxconn may "hire" a million robots
Electrical engineers develop new method to manipulate light
Entire lithium ion energy storage device in a single nanowire
Electronic whirlpools and sideways magnetic fields...
Sensor technology allows wine tasting 'electronic tongue'
Images: Top nuclear fusion experiments
Breathe new life into a 1950s AM-FM radio
Brain cap technology turns thought into motion
Participate in a virtual atom smasher - LHC@Home
Video: Stanford's transparent battery experiment
How a smart grid fought off U.S. heat wave demand
US and India partner in accelerator and particle research
MIT engineer describes advantages of quantum computing
Rare coupling of magnetic/electric properties in one material
Japan ends all analog TV broadcasts - first country in Asia to do so
Large Hadron Collider results excite scientists
Pushing the limits with high-voltage electron guns
US heat wave taxes nation's power grid system
Fermilab experiment discovers heavy relative of the neutron
Movement of black holes powers universe’s brightest lights
Math framework could convert 'junk' energy into useful power
Photonic neuron could be billion times faster than human brain circuits
Electric vehicle batteries getting repurposed for power grid storage
Magnets could be alternative to blood-thinning medications
Terawatts get measured from Earth's fission reactor
'Qmode' breakthrough in development of quantum computer
Video: 3D printer makes buildings with concrete
New ways to measure magnetism around the Sun
Neuroscience looks at why robots give us the creeps
"Armchair quantum wire": transmission cable of the future
Soft memory device developed for bio-electronics
SpaceX company CEO looks towards a trip to Mars
Cracking the code of circuits in our mind
Kinect hackers are changing the future of robotics
25-Tesla world-record split magnet system makes its debut
A new way found to produce antimatter-containing atoms
Scientists drag light by slowing it to speed of sound
Generator captures ambient electromagnetic energy
Smart street lights that switch on as cars pass by
Nissan Leaf overshadows Chevy Volt in June sales
Spacecraft captures giant lightning storm on Saturn
Robotocists debate how human should a robot be
A Q&A interview with Bill Gates on world's energy crisis
Superconductor switch with 'trillionth of a second' speed
Graphene: What Can Go Wrong?
Antimatter Tevatron mystery gains ground
Face science meets robot science at Royal Expo
3-speed transmission for electric cars gives significant efficiency boost
Laser technology could kill viruses and improve DVDs
Solar thermal plants losing out to photovoltaics in investment resources
Magnetic microprocessors without any moving electrons
Conductive ink pen can draw flexible circuit boards
Scientists shed light on the private lives of electrons
GE and others invest in wastewater bioreactor generation
Optical tools produce superb microwave signals
A new "jack hammer" approach to creating nuclear fusion energy
Tiny ring laser accurately detects & counts nanoparticles
How noise-cancelling headphones work - the science and equation
Optical circuit demonstrated for quantum computing
Compact high-temp superconducting cable wins R&D award
New alloy can convert heat directly into electricity
Ten thousand-year clock taking shape in Texan cave owned by Amazon founder
Study brings brain-like computing a step closer to reality
Siemens hybrid electric aircraft debuts in Paris
First ‘graphene’ integrated circuit created by IBM researchers
Tilera takes on Intel with 100-core computer processor
Google & Citi invest $204 million in 1.5 gigawatt wind farm - largest in US
Can humans sense the Earth’s magnetism?
Japanese "K" computer becomes world's fastest
Silicon Graphics sees supercomputers 500x faster by 2018
Modern warfare expands to use bug-sized robotic drones
Compact accelerator will change nuclear energy as we know it
Video: Robots serve up breakfast with sausage
Do-it-yourself tracker for spying on spy satellites
Video: Flexible electronics firm gets big investment
How robots will beat humans at billiards
Scientists prove 'magnetic ropes' that cause solar storms
Living jellyfish cell produces laser light
Video: Lightning hits CN Tower in Toronto, Canada
Video: Internet address expansion test (IPv6) goes well
Physicists apply Einstein's theory to superconducting circuits
Tevatron's mystery signal grows stronger with more data
Massive solar flare misses Earth - just a warning
Video: Steve Jobs on iCloud at Apple's World Wide Developers Conference
Researchers discover superatoms with magnetic shells
Video: Nintendo unveils new game console at 'E3' conference
GE electric plant combines natural gas, wind, and solar
CERN group traps antihydrogen for over 16 minutes
Rare-earth metal shortage makes Nikola Tesla's induction motors popular
New phase-change memory about to be demonstrated
D-Wave sells first quantum computer to Lockheed Martin
Quantum mechanics may allow supercomputing without heat
Tevatron collider's legacy set to disappear
Video: Microsoft previews Windows 8 at D9 Conference
How glasses-free 3-D television works...
Nanoscale waveguides created for optical microchips
Lasers reveal amazingly round shape of electron
Experiments at LHC: How are particle discoveries made?
New car battery design cuts cost in half
Slowly, but surely, 4G networks are being expanded
Scientists hit record-breaking 26Tbps speed by laser
Wireless power transmission from a coffee table
Radio telescopes capture images of enormous black hole jets
Ionosphere changed 3 days before Japan quake
Study shows Netflix is biggest single source of Internet traffic
Nuclear magnetic resonance with no magnets
Physical phenomenon could break transistor speed barrier
Video: Lightning hits plane landing in London airport
Quantum-logic clock accurate to 1 sec. per 3.7 billion yrs.
Turn your home into a giant game controller
Latest gamma-ray burst mystifies astronomers
Graphene-optical device could yield 500 gigahertz bandwidth
Ford demos car that learns its driver's habits
New material has high storage capacity, quick energy release & unlimited recharge
Video: tiny $25 Linux computer teaches programming
Offshore wind power capacity to boom in the next 6 years
The future: nanoscale, organic, self-assembling
Revolutionary new paper computer for mobile devices
Intel manufactures new 3-D transistor chips
A look at one hundred years of superconductivity...
Video: remarkable robot learns to catch a ball
Bend water with static electricity at home
Amazon's Jeff Bezos backs nuclear fusion start-up company
Video: NASA/Stanford space probe confirms Einstein's theories
Brammo Inc. rolling out a 6-speed electric dirt bike
Matchbook-sized atomic clock now on sale for $1,500
Japan investing in a future of fusion energy
SETI radio telescope array lacking funds to operate
World's most powerful lasers get the green light
DARPA's telescope will give better view of space junk
Will spark plugs be replaced by laser plugs?
Rumors that the LHC found the Higgs boson particle
Multimillionaire's private space ship can land on Mars
anti-alpha particle discovered - heaviest type of antimatter ever
Carnegie Mellon opens virtual time machine online
Hydrogen fuel cells get cheaper with new design
Video: iRobots swarm Fukushima nuclear plant as part of cleanup
Super-small transistor created from a single electron
Video: Scientists create digital atlas of the brain
Duke building 36 megawatt dry-cell storage facility at wind farm
"Einstein's Pedometer" measures your effect of relativity
GE building 400 megawatt per year capacity photovoltaic plant
New laser design will increase fiber optic bandwidth
US Navy successfully tests battleship laser weapon
Electrical image shows huge volcano below Yellowstone
Tevatron physicists contemplate new particle discovery
Telescopes may have witnessed a star being swallowed by a black hole
A look inside Facebook's new data center
NASA Glenn Research engineer discusses ion engines & future propulsion
SpaceX announces new, big cargo rocket
Solar costs may already rival coal, spurring installations
The Commodore 64 computer is back! - upgraded with dual-core Atom
Observatory site chosen for world's biggest radio telescope
NIST opens online museum of voltage standards
Video: Visit inside a nuclear power plant
Exploring the magnetic personalities of stars
New electric beam technology can extinguish fires
Open-air lasers may revolutionize Internet communications
A way to radically increase data storage of memory chips
The first plastic computer processor is flexible and cheap
Cincinnati Zoo installing 1.56 megawatt solar canopy
A sensing device to search for genetic relatives on Mars
Current status at Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant
Robots arrive at Fukushima nuclear site for hazardous duty
Tracking down the crafty neutrino subatomic particle
Laser space telescope could test for vanishing dimensions
Video: Putting nuclear power in perspective
Technology to wire Computer chips with brain cells
New reactor designs address cooling failure problems
Video: How the reactor cooling systems failed
Large Hadron Collider could be world’s first time machine
Microchips get 'pruned' for better performance and efficiency
Miniature lasers could help launch a new age of the Internet
Asian telecoms rush to fix damaged undersea cables
NASA's Hubble rules out one alternative to Dark Energy
Spintronic transistors successfully tested at room temperature
Video: Technology companies assess damage from Japan's earthquake
Smartphone app aids search for extraterrestrial life
Teaching robots to be more humanlike
Turing award goes to 'machine learning' expert
The death of the magnetic stripe credit card
An avenue for creating new kinds of superconductivity
Longest underwater cable connects Iceland's geothermal power to Europe
Superconducting magnetic-field energy for grid-scale storage
Rolls-Royce shows off electric Phantom in Geneva auto show
Video: Control room reviews Glory mission launch failure
X-37B robotic space plane makes 2nd secret flight
Computer simulations reveal a mystery of Sun's plasma
SETI turns electronic ears towards discovered new planets
Video: Steve Jobs announces more power in iPad2
CeBIT show: Notebook prototype incorporates 'eye control'
Photo gallery of innovations from Solid-State Conference
'DEMO Spring2011' shows off new consumer technologies
How to turn a laser into a tractor beam
Japan holds first ever robot marathon in Osaka
Video: Speed demonstration of Light Peak/Thunderbolt I/O
USAF concerned over 4G interference of GPS system
Apple names new high-speed computer I/O "Thunderbolt"
IEEE readying smart grid industry standards
Navy's 'superlaser' breaks 500-kilovolt threshold
Super-sharp radio 'eye' remeasuring the universe
The first full-color display with quantum dots
Tapping magma to maximize geothermal megawatts
Scientists build the world's first "anti-laser"
Video: Dr. Michio Kaku discusses solar flare disruptions
1989: solar storm causes Hydro-Quebec power blackout
New technologies bring millimeter-scale computing
Light-emitting rubber could save bridges from collapse
Redbox ready to battle Netflix, movie streaming
Glowing 'jewels' may produce better electronic displays
Stuxnet virus targets and spread revealed
International team achieves new level in quantum control of light for computing
GE pitches halogens to replace 'illegal' light bulbs
Sony will put out a 'PlayStation' phone in Spring
Particle Physics 'Photowalk' project selects winners
Thomas Edison's 164th birthday - Google celebrates
Global data storage in 2007 was roughly 316 billion Gbytes
Video: technology at Mobile World Congress 2011
Compact high-temp superconducting cables demonstrated
Electrics make big showing at North American Auto Show
Scientist claims invention of a real 'thinking cap'
World’s first programmable 'nanoprocessor' demonstrated
Top ten expected electronic device breakthroughs
Video: US aims to regain supercomputer crown from China
Smart phone shipments surpass PCs for the first time
Stereo satellites capture 360-degree Sun images    mission video
Report says 'US high voltage grid is smart and getting smarter'
Texas-size information technology behind Super Bowl stadium
Video: Cold snap causing rolling blackouts in Texas
Invisibility cloak project begins with a paperclip gets ready to compete with Netflix streaming
China takes lead in thorium nuclear reactors
How babies know what robots are thinking
Video: Internet IP addresses run out - new standard begins
Chip error will cost Intel $700 million to repair
Strange new antennas listen for cosmic phenomena and intelligence
Video: Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg goes on Saturday Night Live
US Internet ‘kill switch’ legislation back in play
Ames Lab working on next generation transmission cable
"Five coolest things I saw at Macworld 2011"
Plasmonic breakthrough leading to optical computers & invisibility devices
Q&A interview: What is autonomic computing?
New transistor developed for plastic electronics
Volkswagen wheels out 261 MPG diesel-electric car
Unusual auto engine design stores compressed air
Quickest way to Mars: nuclear fission propulsion
Robots change body forms while learning how to walk
Italian scientists make new controversial cold fusion claim
Breakthrough reported in US Navy laser weapon technology
NIST advances photon science for quantum computers
Video: Engineer's project controls robot with Kinect
Does Sony's CD plant closure mean end of disc era?
Wired's 'Best Sci-Fi Effects of All Time'
What to expect at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show
IBM supercomputer beats human in Jeopardy trial run
The best way to measure dark energy just got better
Einstein's theorized Relativity powers your car battery
Lightning storms seen hurling antimatter into space
'Spaser' invention opens many new laser applications
Battery-ultracapacitor hybrid device could charge in minutes
Macrosoft introduces power outage tracking website
Light emitting earbuds to cure seasonal depression?
'Light Peak' computer standard ready, but without the light
'Contained quirk' discovery makes quantum networks possible in a few years
Wave power could contain fusion plasma
75 kilowatt front-wheel motors give Porsche hybrid car extra thrust
Is 'UltraViolet' the next home-video format?
Video: Latest news from the 2011 CES    CES website
Electronic eyeglasses automatically adjust their optics
Shift of Earth's magnetic north pole affects Tampa airport
Internet beginning to haunt Cable TV providers
Intel debuts new Core 2011 line …and a movie service?
Hornet found that turns sunlight into electricity
New solar cell self-repairs like natural plant systems
Nanowire computer memory getting close to commercialization
Video: Philips Lighting CEO discusses LED New Year's ball
25 tech predictions that failed miserably
3-D and 'augmented reality' made it big in 2010
The Story of Lighting Christmas...
First high-temp spin-field-effect transistor developed
This train set won't fit under the Christmas tree
Better control of building blocks for quantum computer
IBM expects to see holographic phone calls, air-powered batteries by 2015
Engineers take plasmon lasers out of deep freeze
Physicists store data in the nuclei of atoms
First measurement of magnetic field in Earth's core
Electromagnetic rail-gun smashes velocity record
Electric plasma could be an alternative to antibiotics
Florida scientists capture X-rays from lightning
Laser could make matter/antimatter from nothing
World’s smallest battery created at CINT nanotech center
NASA readies 'R2' robot for International Space Station
Spintronic chip could combine both memory and processing
New DIY electric airplane takes flight
Scientists harness the power of electricity in the brain
Inside a 'James Bond' style underground data center
Apparent connection between green fireballs & ball lightning
TerraPower’s ultimate energy recycling project
Developing electronics for extreme environments in space
New city planned for the next giant particle collider
SuperComputing 2010 conference comes to a close
Antimatter atoms produced and trapped at CERN
Antimatter breakthrough could lead to starships, says scientist
Ultrathin alternative to silicon for future electronics
Intel's Nick Knupffer comments on high performance computing & silicon photonics
A look at the newest Web TV set-top box choices
New LED area lighting can sterilize hospitals and medical centers
Effective battle planning for a supercomputer war
'Break-even' nuclear fusion energy in foreseeable future
Micro-mechanical device works as all-optical transistor
Gamma-ray energy 'bubbles' discovered around Milky Way
Novel magnetic wave breakthrough in superconductor
Nanogenerators powerful enough to power small electronic devices
Video: Scientists recreate conditions after Big Bang with CERN collider
NASA's project 'Solar Shield' designed to protect power grid
Hughes will launch 100Gbps 'Jupiter' Internet satellite
Fault tolerance will make quantum computers easier to build
Material could lead to power-generating windows
Volvo developing a hybrid hydrogen-electric vehicle
10 home gadgets that take technology too far
Shuttle liftoff postponed until no earlier than Nov. 30
Astronomer stumbles on ghostly glow of dead quasar
New diode may revolutionize the design & speed of electronics
World’s most precise clocks could reveal a strange world
Mt. Everest peak gets 3G wireless Internet service
One EMP burst and the world could go dark
China builds world's fastest supercomputer
Superconducting chip to become voltage standard
‘Wireless’ humans: backbone of new mobile networks
First humanoid space robot will be on Space Shuttle
Sensor detects emotions through the skin
Navy laser weapons ready for at-sea testing
Mile-deep Antarctic telescope looks for source of cosmic rays
Incoming cosmic rays hit a record high
Producing flexible circuit boards with plasma
Nintendo Entertainment System turns 25 yrs. old
Study: it's hard to bring down the electric grid
Microsoft patches Stuxnet vulnerability in massive update
Physicists observe electron ejected from atom for first time
Triple-mode graphene transistors show potential
Blacklight supercomputer sets shared-memory record
Electric cars requiring new 'MPG' equivalent
Planar sodium-nickel chloride batteries may solve grid storage
How to hack the power grid for fun and profit
Superconducting pipelines revolutionizing power grids
NIST identifies five foundational smart grid standards
Self-driving 'robo cars' log 140,000 highway miles
NASA's mobile Mars laboratory almost ready for flight
Wireless power supply demonstrated at CEATEC '10
Breakthrough 'e-Display' holds image without power
Quantum computing research produces 3 entangled qubits
Scientists study the color quality of LED lighting to expand use
Toyota finds no electronic-throttle acceleration flaw
'SuperB' project moves forward, preparing for construction
Jaguar's 205 mph twin-turbo electric sports car
New ways to forecast large solar power plant output
Solar cells thinner than wavelengths of light hold huge power potential
New study zeros in on releasing more of Sun’s energy
Semiconductor could turn heat into computing power
IBM records rapid changes at the level of individual atoms
Atomic clock pair measures time dilation of a stairway
Software 'smart bomb' fired at Iranian nuclear plant
Cassini satellite shows beautiful auroras on Saturn
LEDs and computation storm the art world
Magnetic power technology offers energy-saving alternative
Video: Nvidia interview from GPU Technology Conference
Video: US political fight over the incandescent bulb
Comparing the net-gain in energy of photovoltaic technologies
Study suggests Sun's energy output could decline in coming decades
Cellular communications' future: 'soliton' waves from electron spin
A better magnetometer by spinning light and atoms
Optical chip enables new approach to quantum computing
Breakthrough to new high-powered organic batteries
Superconductors and Future Particle Accelerators
Researchers develop ultrasensitive electronic skin
Video: Intel debuts 'Sandy Bridge' combination processor
194 horsepower electric superbike challenges gas powered motorcycles
Laser type 'tractor beam' moves tiny objects
Subway trains to generate power for the electric grid
'Mind-reading' machine converts thoughts into speech
Latest research may make graphene even more powerful
Cray-1 supercomputer reproduced with a single chip
Microwave-powered rocket ascends without fuel
Edison’s failed plot to hijack Hollywood industry
Physicists try to solve electro/magnetic relationship mystery
Thorium reactors are best chance to eliminate oil use in near future
Motor City getting in on electric vehicle fever with public chargers
IBM claims the world's fastest computer processor
NASA planning to send space probe into the Sun
Unraveling the mysteries of high-temperature superconductors
Researchers devise test for 'untestable' String Theory
The strange case of solar flares and radioactive elements on Earth
Silicon oxide nanocircuits break important barrier
Man creates huge online museum for vintage calculators
Controversial technology draws power from the atmosphere
'Single-spin magnetoelectronics' may soon be possible
Video: Avatar director explains his innovative 3D movie camera
X-37B shuttle vanishes, reappears 2 weeks later in different orbit
LED lighting may mean more light, not energy savings
Pumped water still best power storage for the electric grid
First high-voltage DC power link between UK and the Netherlands
New atom-scale electronic products on the horizon
Building a fusion reactor in a basement workshop
Intel's McAfee buy shows importance of device security
Antimatter/dark matter experiment on way to Kennedy Space Center
Iceland considers human-like transmission towers
New system developed to test high-energy laser weapons
Predicting space weather in real time
The next machine to look deeper into the atom...
Hackers deflate auto tire-pressure sensors
Electric motorcycle racing comes of age
New nanoscale transistors allow sensitive probing inside cells
Unique 'cryogenic' storage system proposed for power grid
Wax and soap clean up obstacles to better batteries
Home PCs running 'Einstein@home' discover rare star
Dual antennas would boost cell-phone signals
Terahertz laser discovery opens new possibilities
'Spintronic' computer memory device successfully tested
Anger at Google-Verizon Web traffic proposal
DARPA 'exascale' supercomputer in the works
U.S. electricity blackouts skyrocketing
TI grant helps parallel programming of phone, medical devices
Research lab gets unique view inside the atom
Skin effect of a high-frequency conductor explained
Geomagnetic storm brings aurora to lower latitudes
Weird interactive future on display at SIGGRAPH Conference
NIST issues warning on green laser pointers
New nuclear power plant development urged by governors
Intel demonstrates 'ultra-fast' optical chip
Wireless vehicle chargers: convenience vs. efficiency
Protective coating is important fusion energy advance
Many difficulties to preserving our video game heritage
Tevatron scientists narrow search for prize particle
Bigger, better Hadron Collider planned
Satellite blinded by brightest-ever gamma ray burst
'Pin art' means mass produced nanoscale electronics
Hydrokinetic generation - next energy frontier
NASA's Mars Odyssey orbiter suffers glitch
New computer worm attacks industrial control software
Solid-state laser blasts unmanned drone at air show
Final Mercury flyby reveals huge magnetic power surges
Scientists discover strange new electron behaviors
Apple on iPhone 4: 'free case or full refund'
Virtual power plants fill supply gaps in heat wave
New superconductor research may solve key physics problem
Did the Tevatron collider find the Higgs boson?
The proton may be smaller than what was thought
Senior physicist looks at next 50 years of the laser
Aircraft completes first solar-powered night flight
Laser beam drives micro-sized light turbine
Behind the scenes with 'The Wizard of Menlo Park'
Scalable quantum computer chip technique revealed
Toronto power restored - fire, not demand, is cause
Most condensed form of energy storage outside of nuclear
Russian cargo ship docks with Space Station on 2nd try
Wireless power showcased at Chicago museum exhibit
Making optical switching more practical for telecom use
Our 'golden times' in cosmology and particle physics
How 'cognitive radio' eliminates wireless traffic jams
Holding iPhone 4 wrong interferes with signal
Collision of galaxies fires up quasar
Brain scan technology predicts future behavior
World's first four-engine all-electric aerobatic plane
What's inside the Apple iPhone 4?
RoboCup competition aims to replace human sports
AMD's 'Bulldozer' chip will have 12 processing cores
IBM supercomputer will be Jeopardy contestant this Fall
California may use license plates as electronic billboards
Verizon entering home security & energy management markets
Future lighting may utilize curving photon beams
Nuclear power could generate 25 percent worldwide by 2050
Major solar cell advance cuts cost, approaches 66% efficiency
CERN opens permanent new "Universe of Particles" exhibition
'Toy Story 3' utilizes groundbreaking computation technology
What if physicists don't find the Higgs boson    it could be multiple particles
Microsoft has big showing at Electronic Entertainment Expo
'Dark Pulse Laser' produces bursts of … almost nothing
World's most advanced electric motorcycle
Man-made aurora to help better predict space weather
Sun entering more active and disruptive period
High-wire robot designed to inspect transmission lines
Physicist discusses time machine at Embedded Systems Conference
Private SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launches successfully
Making big science smaller: new accelerator technology
Neutrino metamorphosis directly observed for the first time
Soccer-playing robots get creative with physics & planning
China aims to become supercomputer superpower
Nvidia CEO sees beginning of 3D computing revolution
NIST event shows off big and 'micro' robots
Electric supercar team plans to smash distance record
Building blocks created for new class of optical circuits
Willow Garage holds 'graduation ceremony' for its robots
Promising new advance in fuel-cell technology
Italian-Russian design may be first sustainable fusion reactor
Graphane yields new potential: mining quantum dots
Living protein could assemble future information processing systems
Japan plans $2 billion robot moon base by 2020
Why computers crash but humans don't
Allowing computer chip mistakes could enable better performance
Cisco adapting routers and switches for 'smart grid' use
World GPS system getting $8 billion upgrade
Superconductivity breakthrough with new material
Google announces new plan for web content TV
Mysterious ball lightning: Illusion or reality?
Japan launches Venus probe with solar sail
Pac-Man video game turns 30!
Video: Artificial butterfly in flight and filmed
How vulnerable are auto computers to hackers?
New theory on why there's more matter than antimatter
$5.5M defense funding to develop microscale motors
Space Propulsion Congress hosts 500 international experts
Celebrations for the laser's 50th birthday
Beam weapons getting closer to reality on the battlefield
Transistor laser rewrites electrical law of current
DNA robots that could assemble tiny electrical devices
Scientists debate evidence of 'dark matter'
Video: autonomous car executes extreme 'slide' parking
New technique uses high-power laser to make rain
Nobel physicist discusses relativity and atomic clocks
Physicists capture first images of atomic spin
Lunar craters may be electrified by the Sun
Video: London college makes impossible monopole magnet
A proposed connecting grid for Atlantic Seaboard wind turbines
Lightweight lithium-oxygen batteries may be the future
NIST studies spray-on manufacturing of transistors
Next atom smasher may be built in UK subway tunnel
Video: Jay Leno shows off his 1909 electric car
Safer, self-healing nuclear reactor being developed at lab
Tackling the chaos problem in computer circuits
Lab searches for source of 40 terawatt power within Earth
Video: Is the BloomBox the fuel cell that succeeds?